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John G. Butler’s Analytical Bible Expositor: Old and New Testament Fourteen Volume Set

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(H) denotes volumes available in hardcover and (PB) denotes those that are paperback.

The Analytical Bible Expositor is a new commentary series from pastor John G. Butler. This unique set is a chapter by chapter exposition/study of the Scriptures. Main features include:

Analyzation: Every chapter of the Bible is treated as a unit and is a separate chapter in the books. The chapters are outlined into main points, and sub-points, often with many sub-sub points.

Alliteration: All outlines are alliterated, a hallmark of the author.

Annotation: The comments of the outlines are the meat of the books and consist of explanations, clarifications, interpretations, and exhortations, (practical applications).

This set of books will prove helpful for both preacher and teacher. It will assist them to understand the Scriptures and also will give them a multitude of invaluable sermon and lesson outlines and material.

Volumes include:

Volume 1 - Genesis-Exodus- Paperback

Volume 2 - Leviticus-Deuteronomy- Paperback

Volume 3 - Joshua-II Samuel- two volumes- Paperback

Volume 4 - I Kings-II Chronicles- Paperback

Volume 5 - Ezra-Job- Paperback

Volume 6 - Psalms- two volumes- Paperback

Volume 7 - Proverbs-Song of Solomon- Paperback

Volume 8 - Isaiah-Ezekiel- two volumes- Paperback

Volume 9 - Daniel-Malachi- Paperback

Volume 10 - Matthew-Mark- Paperback

Volume 11 - Luke-John- two volumes- Paperback

Volume 12 - Acts-II Corinthians-Paperback

Volume 13 - Galatians-Philemon- Paperback

Volume 14 - Hebrews-Revelation- Paperback

ISBN- STBC000000164