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Butler Analytical Bible Expositor: Joshua-II Samuel Vol 3 Paperback Two Volumes

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The Analytical Bible Expositor is a new commentary series from pastor John G. Butler. This unique set is a chapter by chapter exposition/study of the Scriptures.

Main features include:

Analyzation: Every chapter of the Bible is treated as a unit and is a separate chapter in the books. The chapters are outlined into main points, and sub-points, often with many sub-sub points.

Alliteration: All outlines are alliterated, a hallmark of the author.

Annotation: The comments of the outlines are the meat of the books and consist of explanations, clarifications, interpretations, and exhortations, (practical applications).

Paperback, Joshua-Ruth: Part A- 414 pages 

I Samuel-II Samuel: Part B- 427 pages