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Zechariah: Israel’s Prophetic Future and the Coming Apocalypse

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The book of Zechariah is second only to Isaiah when it comes to Messianic prophecy. And it’s filled with information on future events, including the coming Tribulation and the glorious return of the Lord.

You can count on David Levy’s commentaries. They’re always relevant and easy to understand. And they give you the historical background you need to understand God’s Word in context.

“If you want to know what lies ahead for Israel and the world, you have the right book in your hand. You’ll see Israel’s past successes and failures and how history repeats itself—and is doing so today. Above all, you’ll see into the prophetic future in magnificent detail, with end-times events culminating in the glorious reclamation of Israel followed by and era of genuine world peace when the Messiah reigns.

“David Levy ranks among today’s foremost scholars in the interpretation and application of biblical truth. His volume on the Tabernacle has become a modern classic. And Zechariah: Israel’s Prophetic future and the Coming Apocalypse rises to the same standard through careful interpretation, accuracy, and clarity.

“For those yearning to know what the future holds, the answers are here.”—Elwood McQuaid

Paperback, 159 pages.

ISBN- 9780915540822