This is a true saying, and everyone should believe it: Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners. I Timothy 1:15

What Does Jesus Say About... Christ Speaks to Us Today

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Recently, it became popular among Christians to ask, “What would Jesus do?” Our Lord gives many answers and insights in the Scriptures about our questions about life. What Does Jesus Say About... attempts to categorize many of the key words, concepts, and phrases of Jesus Christ from the New Testament on various issues and matters about: God, life on earth, death and eternity. Most, but not every word by Jesus is indexed. And, due to space limitations, the reader will not find every word categorized from the text. Yet, an effort is made to present Christ’s words on the myriad of topics that people face today. And, since many of the Lord’s statements apply to more than one area of life, they are categorized according to the subject matters He addresses. Both traditional and contemporary terminologies are utilized in the subject headings. The basis of the text is the New American Standard Bible.

Special Features:

A-Z Entries of Jesus’ Teachings. (Subject headings separated by each letter of the alphabet)
Appendix A How to Personally Know Jesus
Appendix B Resources for Additional Study
Appendix C Map of Major Events in Jesus’ Ministry

Hardcover, 1901 pages.

ISBN- 9780899576114