This is a true saying, and everyone should believe it: Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners. I Timothy 1:15

Waiting Isn't A Waste: The Surprising Comfort of Trusting God in the Uncertainties of Life

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Exploring 6 Characteristics of Waiting to Prompt Wisdom from God and Gain Invaluable Peace

Throughout our lives, we experience countless periods of waiting. Some moments are mere nuisances—others are daunting seasons filled with intense worry and doubt. We grow impatient by immovable traffic or crave an impending answer to a medical condition. Whatever our current circumstances, our innate response is to take action rather than stay still.

In Waiting Isn’t a Waste, author Mark Vroegop calls believers to resist the human urge for control and lean on Christ for comfort while we wait for the uncertainties of life to unfold. Vroegop explores what it means to wait on God through 6 important characteristics—waiting is hard, common, biblical, slow, commanded, and relational. This book not only teaches readers how to wait on God but inspires them to embrace waiting—for it prompts wisdom from God and brings invaluable peace to the present.

Written for Christians in Seasons of Waiting:

Those struggling with anxiety, discouragement, or weariness as they wait

 Explores 6 Characteristics of Waiting: Waiting hard, common, biblical, slow, commanded, and relational

 Written by Mark Vroegop: Author of Dark Clouds, Deep Mercy, which was named the ECPA 2020 Christian Book of the Year

Paperback, 152 pages.

ISBN- 9781433590979