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Wait Till It’s Free DVD

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Learn more about the plague of socialized medicine and the only known cure.

This groundbreaking film, from the producers of Indoctrination and Captivated, exposes the true foundations of the American healthcare crisis. See exclusive interviews that reveal the agenda behind Obamacare, the history of America’s seduction by socialized medicine, and our journey to Europe to discover the disastrous consequences of government-controlled medicine. This film captures the reality of the crisis, defends healthcare liberty, and proposes solutions.

From this film you can learn:

The secret behind your giant hospital bills
The history of socialized medicine in America
The failures of the British healthcare system
How crony capitalism in controlling healthcare
What ’’Death Panels’’ will really look like
How doctors are escaping government intrusion
How to find healthcare liberty

Running Time: 82 minutes.

ISBN- 860544000108