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Uncovering the Mysterious Woolly Mammoth

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How did the Ice Age end?
How did men survive during the end of the Ice Age?
Discover the science behind the Ice Age World?
Where have mammoths been found?

The questions of what happened at the end of the Ice Age and why the woolly mammoth disappeared have been asked by many. Unfortunately, the answers given are usually in line with an evolutionary world view. Author Michael Oard gives biblically and scientifically sound answers to these relevant questions for young readers in an exciting story of one boy and his family.

Follow Tungus and his tribe as they travel to a better climate away from the dust storms at the end of the great Ice Age. Learn how people lived, the challenges they faced in daily life, and why the woolly mammoths disappeared while the Ice Age was ending.

Hardback, 72 pages.

ISBN- 9780890515082