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The Tri-unity of God is Jewish

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This book is an excellent work on the Tri-unity of God. The importance of this critical study can not be separated from the eternal destiny of Jewish souls. If you are witnessing to Jewish friends (or desire to do so), this book will enable you to present the Bible in a way that will help reach the lost of Israel.

Many Christian scholars down play the significance of the Tri-unity of God in the Hebrew Scriptures. Judaism rejects the Tri-unity and the incarnation of God as completely incompatible with Jewish belief.

Did the Church create the Trinity out of the New Testament, or was God a tri-unity all throughout the Old Testament and Judaism missed it?

Judaism, with every ounce of strength, completely rejects the whole idea that God is a plurality, and that the Messiah could be God.

The issue of this book is:

Can the plurality or tri-unity of God be clearly proven from the Hebrew Scriptures alone, thus substantiating the fact that the promised Messiah is God and that God is one, yet a plurality?

Paperback, 411 pages.

ISBN- 9780991215188