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The Tabernacle: Camping With God

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’’The title of this book takes me back to my boyhood days in Angola,’’ writes the author in his foreword, ’’where as the son of missionary parents I knew what it was to trek and camp for weeks on end. . . . My father would lead family worship at dawn and then conduct a Bible study at dusk. . . . One particular series that I have never forgotten was on the Tabernacle in the wilderness. I can still visualize the scene as we sat, with African carriers, around the campfire outside our tent . . . the ’missionary’s tent’ served to represent the presence of God—as the Scriptures were unfolded and applied by the Holy Spirit [we had] an experience of camping with God.’’

This book opens modern readers to the world of the children of Israel, helping them to view the Tabernacle as they did. They will see the ’’tent’’ in which God camped with His people, revealing His purpose, power, and glory. They will discover that every detail of the Tabernacle points to Christ and will be reminded of the words of Augustine: ’’The New is in the Old concealed. The Old is by the New revealed.’’

Connects the Old Testament story to the New Testament
Well-established author with international ministry forum
Highlights one of Scripture’s most pervasive topics
This printing revives a highly-referenced and much sought-after resource.

Paperback, 160 pages.

ISBN- 9780825433634