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The MacArthur Bible Handbook A Book-by-Book Exploration of God’s Word

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The MacArthur Bible Handbook is the ultimate book-by-book survey of the Bible, including charts, graphs, and illustrations from today’s leading expository teacher.

A unique reference tool that is committed to quality and biblical teaching -- will help you easily understand each book of the Bible, its historical context, and its place in Scripture.

Bible Book Basics at a Glance!

The meaning of each Bible book’s name
Who wrote it
The date and setting
The theme and purpose
Its key words, verses, and chapters
How Christ presented (even in the Old Testament)
Its contribution to the Bible as a whole
A broad summary of the events and highlights it records
A detailed outline of the book

MacArthur has put in over 60,000 hours of sermon preparation time in his 35 year ministry!

Hardcover, 554 pages.

ISBN- 9780785249689