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The Harmony Of The Prophetic Word: A Key To Old Testament Prophecy Concerning Things To Come

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A reprint of a classic and timeless work by one of the best prophecy teachers of the past 150 years. Arno C. Gaebelein’s “Harmony of the Prophetic Word” skillfully draws together the teachings of the Hebrew Scriptures on eight important subjects, including the Theocratic Kingdom, the conversion of Israel, and the Day of the Lord. Containing dozens of scripture references, Gaebelein weaves the prophetic Word together masterfully, helping the student of prophecy better understand the complete picture of prophetic revelation.

This edition of “Harmony of the Prophetic Word” contains every word of the original, plus a new foreword from the publisher, and is newly typeset for easy reading and years of good use.

Paperback, 188 pages.

ISBN- 9781945774416