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The Existence And Attributes Of God Updated and Unabridged

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A Classic Work on the Nature of God by Stephen Charnock

Stephen Charnock was a highly regarded seventeenth-century English Puritan theologian whose writings have continued to influence the church for centuries. He is known for his sophisticated approach to topics such as the existence and attributes of God, the person and work of Christ, and the doctrine of sin.

This two-volume set, edited by Mark Jones, contains an updated and unabridged edition of Charnock's classic work, Discourses upon the Existence and Attributes of God, written to instruct and encourage Christian pastors, theologians, and laypeople. Jones precedes each discourse with an introductory summary that explains Charnock’s general approach. In this clear, modernized presentation of this classic work, readers will experience his skillful exegesis, his influential way with words, his insight into human nature, his concern with the practical implications of who God is, and his Christ-focused approach to theology.

Modernized Language: Archaic punctuation, words, and phrases have been updated for the modern reader

Updated Bibliographic Information: In the footnotes, Charnock’s sources have been located and updated with fuller bibliographic information, showing how widely read he was

Chapter Summaries: Each discourse begins with a summary of the chapter to follow Extensive: Covers Charnock’s defense of God’s existence and 11 attributes of God

Includes In-Depth Chapter on the Life of Stephen Charnock by William Symington

Two volume hardcover set, 1760 pages.

ISBN- 9781433565908