This is a true saying, and everyone should believe it: Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners. I Timothy 1:15

The Crook in the Lot- Living with that thorn in your side

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First published in 1737, The Crook in the Lot holds a special place among the tremendous amount of Puritan literature that was produced during that period. Thomas Boston (1676-1732) was renowned for his clearly understood English and the manner in which he maintained that clarity while conveying messages of great depth.

Boston preached not merely from his theological understanding, but he spoke from direct personal experience. Boston has real ’’thorns’’ to deal with himself, ranging from his wife’s paralyzing depression to his own experience living for years with what were probably kidney stones. He brings his own unique combination of wonderfully profound and yet immensely practical advice to bear to give us a work of lasting impact.

Paperback, 159 pages.

ISBN- 9781845506490