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Temple Cutaway Wall Chart

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See the interior and exterior of both the First Temple (Solomon's Temple) and Second Temple (Herod's Temple at the time of Christ).

This highly detailed diagram by acclaimed Bible artist, Bill Latta, shows both Temples: The one constructed in 960 BC and the one expanded in 62 BC by King Herod the Great.

Enhance Bible study lessons with this wall chart that shows both the interior and exterior drawings of both the First and Second Temple

Use reproducible worksheets on the back of the poster for classroom use Includes the following details on the Temple Old Testament Temple:

The Brazen Altar

Golden Lampstand

The Veil

Ark of the Covenant and more!

New Testament Temple:

The Brazen Laver

Altar of Burnt Offering

Place of Slaughter

Porch of the Temple

More details in the New Testament Temple:

The Holy Place

Double-folding doors and outer veil

Golden Lampstand (Golden Menorah)

Table of Showbread

Gold Altar of Incense

Holy of Holies (Most Holy Place)

Inner Veil Foundation

Stone Chambers of the Inner Sanctuary

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