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Sermon Outlines on the Psalms

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Carefully crafted sermon ideas from an accomplished and widely respected Bible expositor

Effective sermon exposition is based not only on the preacher’s understanding of the text of Scripture, but also upon a clear and concise communication of that meaning to God’s people. A clear and concise outline is indispensable for communicating with confidence and conviction.

Acknowledged by many as the master of biblical outlining, John Phillips provides the busy pastor or teacher with a treasure trove of insight and alliterative gems in Sermon Outlines on the Psalms. Some outlines can be used to develop a single sermon while others provide the framework for a series of messages from one psalm.

"John Phillips writes with enthusiasm and clarity, . . . cutting through the confusion and heretical dangers associated with Bible interpretation."
--Moody Magazine

"In the style that has commended him to numbers of Bible-loving people, [Dr.] Phillips deals with . . . biblical exposition in Christ-honoring, easily read style."
--The Baptist Bulletin

ISBN- 9780825441578