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Secrets of the Sixth Edition: Darwin Discredits His Own Theory

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A revealing study of Darwin’s famous work and its problems...from his own words! A look at Darwin’s research and faulty basis of his theories Extensive documentation of the weakness of his logic Indisputable evidence that Darwin acknowledged these fatal flaws Touted as fact, and presented as infallible, Darwin’s ’’On The Origin of the Species’’ is the basis for modern science. But many people have never read Darwin’s presentation of his wordy and often vague 150-year-old theory, and the doubts he expressed over some of his own conclusions. Take a shocking look at Darwin’s work and its weaknesses from a fresh and logical perspective. Amazingly, Darwin himself abandoned some of the core mechanisms of his own theory later in life, but they remain unchallenged pillars of unquestioning science today. Discover the truth for yourself in this informative and easy-to-read new study of evolution, and the powerful truth that only Biblical creation can explain!

ISBN- 9780890515976