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Rose Guide To The Feasts, Festivals And Fasts Of The Bible

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God commanded Moses and the children of Israel to observe feasts and holy days as memorials to the great things that he had done in their lives. Understanding these times of celebration are important to help us better see God’s complete picture and plan of redemption.

In Rose Guide to the Feasts, Festivals and Fasts of the Bible:

Dr. Paul Wright explores the celebrations, festivals, observances, and feasts kept by ancient Israel in the time of the Old Testament—including their historical and biblical background and how they developed during biblical times.

Rabbi Moshe Silberschein looks at the ways the festivals and holy days of ancient Israel were celebrated during the intertestamental, Second Temple, and early Rabbinic Periods, including the ways that Jesus and the writers of the Gospels celebrated.

Educator Ophir Yarden describes ways Jews keep the biblical feasts today, focusing on traditions most common in North America and Israel.

Pastor Steven Lancaster looks at how and why the festivals and holy days of ancient Israel and early Judaism are celebrated by the variety of Messianic believers today.

Rev. Heidi Kinner presents ways the early Church interpreted the feasts of the Bible to inform Christian celebrations about the life and work of Jesus.

Spiral-bound hardcover, 232 pages.

ISBN- 9781649380210