This is a true saying, and everyone should believe it: Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners. I Timothy 1:15

Rightly Dividing the Word

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This book ’’rightly divides’’ the fundamentals in a series of contrasts, as ’’Law and Grace,’’ ’’Faith and Works,’’ ’’Standing and State,’’ Sin and Salvation,’’ Atonement and Redemption,’’ etc.

It contains the ream and meat of the Author’s sermons and Bible lectures, for thirty years, and is illustrated with 55 charts and diagrams, the charts are clear and simple and adapted to Institute and Bible class work.

Rightly Dividing the Word of God


     Chapter 1: Rightly Dividing The Word

     Chapter 2: Ages and Dispensations

     Chapter 3: Jew and Gentile

     Chapter 4: Church and Kingdom

     Chapter 5: The Four Gospels

     Chapter 6: The Two Advents

     Chapter 7: The Spirit World

     Chapter 8: Satan

     Chapter 9: The Satanic Trinity

     Chapter 10: The Mystery of Godliness and The Mystery of Iniquity

     Chapter 11: Resurrection of Jesus

     Chapter 12: The Resurrections

     Chapter 13: The Judgments

     Chapter 14: The Two Adams

     Chapter 15: Atonement and Redemption

     Chapter 16: Sin and Salvation

     Chapter 17: Law and Grace

     Chapter 18: Faith and Works

     Chapter 19: The Two Natures

     Chapter 20: Standing and State

     Chapter 21: Regeneration and Baptism

     Chapter 22: Election and Free Will

     Chapter 23: The Reciprocal Indwelling of Christ and the Believer

     Chapter 24: The Threefold Work of Christ

     Chapter 25: Christ Our Passover

     Chapter 26: Heaven and Hell

     Chapter 27: Judaism and Christianity

    Chapter 28: The Circles of the Christian Life

    Chapter 29: Palace Beautiful


     Chart 1: The Prophetic Days of Scripture

     Chart 2: The Times and Seasons

     Chart 3: Ages and Dispensation

     Chart 4: The Three Stages of the Earth

     Chart 5: The Prophetic Earth

     Chart 6: First and Second Re-creative Days

     Chart 7: Third and Fourth Re-creative Days

     Chart 8: Fifth and Sixth Re-creative Days

     Chart 9: The Dispensation of Judgment

     Chart 10: The Jews

     Chart 11: The Five Great World-Wide Kingdoms

     Chart 12: The Gentiles

     Chart 13: The Church

plus, over 40 more charts!

 John Phillips-

  "An excellent study of things that differ  in the Bible. . .  The book is an excellent introduction to the fundamental doctrines of the Christian faith."

Hardcover, 328 pages.

Clarence Larkin

ISBN- 9780001473904