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Preparing My Heart for Grandparenting

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Laugh, love, and learn as you prepare for your GRAND role! 

“I am not ready to be a grandmother.”  Many of us like to prepare for new stages, and author, Lydia Harris, wanted to in this instance, but she just wasn’t sure how to get ready to become a grandparent.  She pondered questions like, “What role did grandparents play?” and “What should I do to prepare?”

Now, ten years and five adorable grandchildren later, Lydia knows that grandparenting is an exciting and important role.  She’s also learned a few things she wishes she had known before she became a grandparent.  Her learning experience prompted her to write this Bible study to help you prepare your heart for grandparenting.  And even if you have been a grandparent for several years, you can still prepare your heart to be a better grandparent in the days ahead.

Preparing My Heart for Grandparenting provides six weeks of Bible study lessons to help grandparents and those about to be grandparents.  Each week contains five lessons with Scripture,illustrations and insights from grandparents, a “grand-thought” takeaway, and a prayer.  Each week’s lesson concludes with a fitting devotional emphasis.  The study also features quotes from grandchildren about their grandparents.

Paperback, 212 pages.

ISBN- 9780899570136