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Portraits of a Pastor

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If you’re a pastor, you know how hard it is to balance many roles and expectations. But do you know what roles you should be filling? Can you measure how well you’re fulfilling them?

Portraits of a Pastor will give you clarity on which roles occupy the heart of your calling and how you can grow in them.With biblical reflections on the essential roles of a pastor, it offers:

●A clearer vision of your pastoral responsibilities

●The biblical mandate behind each one

●Moving examples to inspire your ministry

With contributions from pastors and seminary professors, this book offers scholarly yet practical reflections on ministry.


Danny Akin

●Jason G Duesing

●Ronnie Floyd

●Christian T. George

●Owen Strachan

●Don Whitney

●Jared C. Wilson

●John Mark Yeats

Paperback, 192 pages.

ISBN- 9780802416346