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One Volume Seminary: A Complete Ministry Education from the Faculty of Moody Bible Institute

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Everything that's taught in seminary . . . all in one place!

Maybe you're involved in ministry but you never had the chance to go to seminary. Maybe it was many years ago and you need a refresher. Or maybe you just graduated and you don't want to forget it all. If any of these descriptions fits you, One Volume Seminary is the resource you need.

This book is written by former and current faculty of Moody Bible Institute and Moody Theological Seminary. Editors Michael Boyle, Laurie Norris, and Kerwin Rodriguez combine their years of pastoral wisdom, one-on-one counseling, high-level scholarship, and savvy street-smarts from the church's frontlines to offer you a one-stop-shop for ministry training. One Volume Seminary provides sixty essays with practical advice for every aspect of church life—always grounded in the Word of God—under six main headings:

• Doctrinal Basics

• General Ministry to the Local Church

• Special Situations in Ministry

• Ministry to the World

• Proclaiming the Word in Worship and Preaching

• Practical Church Skills

From baptizing a convert to balancing a budget . . . from preaching the Word to premarital counseling . . . from soteriology to spiritual warfare . . . from the Trinity to the teenager . . . this book covers it all. Though a seminary education is irreplaceable, One Volume Seminary is the next best thing to give you the training and equipping you need to succeed in ministry.

Hardcover, 954 pages.

ISBN- 9780802419422