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Notes for the Study & Exposition of 1st John

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Notes for the Study and Exposition of 1st John is a book that is just that--reference notes that have been divided into sermon-sized pieces of facilitate preaching, teaching and study through the Epistle of I John. This book is not designed as a flowing commentary to be read from cover to cover by itself. It should be used with an open Bible and in conjunction with other study aids.

The notes are meant to give lexical, grammatical and theological insights into the text of I John. The outline is designed to expose the epistle’s flow of thought in a form that can be easily communicated and understood, and it may be used in its entirety, modified or simply set aside at the user’s discretion. The appendix is included to facilitate individual or small group study. It may be copied freely as the need arises.

Eric Kress is a graduate of the Master’s Seminary in Sun Valley, California, and is currently the pastor of Grace Community Bible Church in Tomball, Texas.

’’I have found this treatment of I John very helpful in my own preparation. It is concise, well outlined, and detailed enough in the text to get at the right interpretation.’’
John MacArthur, Pastor and Teacher, Grace Community Church, Sun Valley, California

Paperback, 151 pages.

ISBN- 0971756805