This is a true saying, and everyone should believe it: Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners. I Timothy 1:15

NLT Personal Size Giant Print Bible, Filament Enabled Edition Black & Onyx LeatherLike Indexed

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The new Tyndale NLT Personal Size Giant Print Bible, Filament-Enabled Edition has readable text and an attractive layout in an easy-to-carry size. And while it has the same low price as basic text-only Bibles, the NLT Personal Size Giant Print Bible offers much more. It not only features a bold new design and the trusted and much-loved New Living Translation (NLT) but also includes the groundbreaking Filament Bible app. This app enables you to use your mobile phone or tablet to connect every page to a vast array of related content, including study notes, devotionals, interactive maps, informative videos, and worship music.

The Filament Bible app turns this Bible into a powerful study and devotional experience, offering more to expand your mind and touch your heart than you can possibly hold in your hand.

And there is no additional cost for the Filament Bible app. No additional purchase; no additional size or weight.

Of course, you can use this Bible without the app, but when you want to dig deeper, grab your phone or tablet and open the Filament Bible app. It’s so easy to use.


• New, easy-to-read page designs

• Filament content linked to every page!

• Readable large print

• Handy, thin size

• Words of Jesus in red

• Quality lay-flat Smyth-sewn binding

• Tyndale Verse Finder

• A Visual Overview of the Bible

• Presentation page

• Ribbon marker

• Gilded page edges

Filament Bible app with free access to:

• 25,000 study notes

• 350+ videos

• 40+ maps and infographics

• 400+ profiles and articles

• 1,500+ devotionals

• Library of worship music

ISBN- 9781496445292