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Nelson’s Biblical Cyclopedic Index: Best Bible Subject Index Ever

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Fans of the trusted and bestselling The Open Bible®  will not want to miss this valuable first time in print, stand-alone tool!  Offering more listings than any other Bible resource available, the Biblical Cyclopedic Index helps you quickly pull together a thorough and comprehensive Bible study, lesson, or sermon.

Completely unique, the Biblical Cyclopedic Index combines a concordance, a topical Bible, and a Bible dictionary in an all-in-one easy to use Bible help.  It is a special kind of subject index that combines the best features of a concordance and a topical index.

The Biblical Cyclopedic Index offers more listings than any other similar Bible resource available. With more than 8,000 subjects, names, places, things, concepts, events, and doctrines of the Bible, the Biblical Cyclopedic Index is the one resource every church and personal library cannot do without.

Paperback, 534 Pages.

ISBN- 9781418543747