This is a true saying, and everyone should believe it: Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners. I Timothy 1:15

Ministering Through Spiritual Gifts: Use Your Strengths to Serve Others

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What are your gifts? How are you using your abilities to grow God's kingdom?

In Ministering Through Spiritual Gifts, you will find how to pinpoint your God-given strengths by exploring the seven gifts listed in Romans 12. You'll be challenged to consciously develop these gifts—not for your own personal gain, but to minister to others. Challenging, thought-provoking, and deeply rooted in Scripture, this Bible study calls you to deeper service to the Lord as you embrace the ministry gifts He has given you.

With over 1 million copies sold, the Charles F. Stanley Bible Study Series is a unique approach to Bible study, incorporating biblical truth, personal insights, emotional responses, and a call to action.

Each study draws on Dr. Stanley's many years of teaching the guiding principles found in God's Word, showing how we can apply them in practical ways to every situation we face. This edition of the series has been completely revised and updated, and includes two brand-new lessons from Dr. Stanley.

Each of the twelve lessons includes:

Overview: A brief look at what is covered in the lesson

Life's Questions: A teaching from Dr. Stanley that unpacks the topic of the lesson

Living the Principle: Application and Bible study questions based on the key points

Reflection: Key takeaways to put into practice today and tomorrow

Paperback, 160 pages.

ISBN- 9780310105664