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Life of Andrew Jackson

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From wilderness pioneer to the perils of the oval office! The mother who taught him toughness and self-reliance which define him His captivity and personal tragedies during the Revolutionary War The military victories and controversial social policies that he supported Born to his widowed mother shortly after his father’s death, as a young teenager, Andrew Jackson (1767-1845) was cruelly treated by the British as a prisoner of war, losing two brothers and his mother during the American Revolution. Though he did not become the minister his mother hoped he would be, Jackson became a popular hero and America’s seventh president. His legacy is a controversial one due to his support for slavery and forced removal of Native Americans from their lands. Exemplifying the rough and hardy qualities of a frontiersman, Jackson would see success on the battlefield, including the brilliant campaign against the British in New Orleans during the War of 1812, survive an attempted assassination as president, and fiercely resist the institution of a national bank. His policies sought to change the balance of power by strengthening the presidency as well as promoting public interest and activity in the government. 

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