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KJV Study Bible Atlas Edition- Blue/Brown Hardcover Indexed

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For the person who wants to know God’s Word, and see where it unfolded. Here is the popular King James Study Bible with bonus maps, just for you.


• Complete Text of Beloved King James Version

• Nearly 6,500 Explanatory Notes from the Layman’s Bible Commentary Series

• Introductions to All 66 Books

• Dictionary/Concordance for Key Terms

• Words of Christ in Red

• Thumb Indexing

• 56 Pages of Full-Color Maps,


            • The Holy Land Today

            • The Near East During the Time of the Patriarchs

            • The Exodus from Egypt

             • The Tribal Allotments of Israel

             • The Extent of David’s Kingdom

             • Exiles Return to Judea

             • The Greek Empires

             • The Prophets of Israel and Judah

             • Jesus’ Ministry in Galilee and Beyond

             • The Nations at Pentecost

             • Paul’s Missionary Journeys

             • The Churches of Revelation

• 8 Pages of Time Lines, Comparing Biblical and World Events


ISBN- 9781643525174