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How We Got the Bible Wall Chart

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This bestselling laminated wall chart will increase the confidence of every believer in the reliability of the Bible. How We Got the Bible chart features a time line that covers 4,000 years of Bible translation history, 2000 BC to AD 2000. In a single glance, the chart reveals ancient documents, early translations, and the people who gave their lives to translate and print the Bible, including William Tyndale, John Wycliffe, King James, Erasmus, and Johann Gutenberg. The chart presents modern translations as well as those first English-language Bibles.

The laminated wall chart size is 19" x 26". Durable 3 mil lamination is double-sided to protect the chart and allows for the use of water-soluble markers (such as the Vis-à-Vis™ brand). Reverse side of the chart provides reproducible worksheets to enhance and expand lessons. Lamination will not affect photocopying. Roll chart for storage.

Who wrote the earliest Scriptures? Who collected the Scriptures into the Bible? How We Got the Bible wall chart answers these questions and many others. Few stories in the history of the world are as inspiring as the story of how the Bible came to us. This stunning chart, How We Got the Bible, takes believers through a story of faithfulness, courage, and sacrifice through an easy-to-follow time-line format.

ISBN: 9789901982806