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How to Prepare Sermons

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This practical book supplies ministers, theological students, and laymen called upon to preach with a helpful tool for their ministries. Rather than being an attempt at a complete and exhaustive treatment of homiletics, it is a clearly outlined guide written in a conversational tone. It is useful for study, selection of sermon texts and themes, and sermon building.

Dr. William Evans has drawn upon extensive education and years of experience as a pastor, preacher, and Bible instructor to produce a guidebook that is personal and easily understood. After establishing definitions of terms under consideration, he examines the value of the personality of the preacher, the voice and interpretation of the text and theme, and the gathering and arranging of sermonic materials employed. He then gives close attention to the introduction, body, and conclusion; various types of sermons; and the use and abuse of illustrations. A concluding section contains sermon outlines which illustrate the material of the preceding pages.

Hardcover, 158 pages.

ISBN- 9780802437259