This is a true saying, and everyone should believe it: Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners. I Timothy 1:15

Heaven Awaits: Anticipate Your Future Hope, Your Eternal Home, Your Daily Reality

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Is There Something More Than This Life?

 This world is full of crises and conflicts, difficulties and troubles -- but this world will not last. No matter what your age is, your earthly life is slowly slipping away. This is why Jesus encourages us not to store treasures on this earth. In other words, invest in heaven.

 In Heaven Awaits, you will explore what the Bible says about heaven and begin to envision the wonders and glories that await you. Heaven is real. And throughout these pages, you will discover that your eternal home is far more real than your earthly experience right now. As such, you will be energized to live each day in light of that awe-inspiring reality.

Heaven Awaits will serve as your eternal investment guide by helping you:

Envision the 9 blessings of heaven—which include the joy of no longer experiencing any loss to the freedom from the pain of disillusionment

 Explore the 8 facets of heaven—which includes the rest that you will experience to the abundant life that you are destined to possess

 Discover the 10 benefits of heaven—which includes the loving family whose company you will enjoy for eternity and the meaning and purpose that you will experience forever.

With this book, you can train your soul to anticipate what awaits you, as well as shape how you live right now.

Paperback, 203 pages.

ISBN- 9781496486332