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Ha-Mashiach: The Messiah of the Hebrew Scriptures

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Formerly entitled Messianic Christology, Ha-Mashiach: The Messiah of the Hebrew Scriptures is now reformatted with an updated introduction. It is a study of prophecy concerning the First Coming of the Messiah. Dr. Fruchtenbaum works his way through the Hebrew Scriptures and shows from The Law, The Prophets, and The Writings how the revelation of the Messiah gradually progressed and built-up to reveal a magnificent picture of the Deliverer to come.

When the messianic expectations of Hebrew prophecy are fully understood, it becomes clear who alone can fulfill these requirements.

Do You Know?
That Chavah (Eve) mistakenly thought she had given birth to the promised God-Man?

That there are two distinct prophesies in Isaiah 7, one to the wicked king Ahaz and another to the whole house of David?

That Daniel 9 is only one of seven prophesies that insist upon Messiah’s appearance on earth before a very significant historical event?

That the covenant recorded in II Samuel 7 refers to a different person than the parallel passage in I Chronicles 17?

Why Lamech believed his son was to be the Messiah?

Ha-Mashiach: The Messiah of the Hebrew Scriptures is an absorbing study that will answer these and many more questions, strengthen your faith, bless your heart, and invigorate your worship of the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

Paperback, 200 pages.

ISBN- 9781935174332