This is a true saying, and everyone should believe it: Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners. I Timothy 1:15

God’s Grand Finale: Wrath, Grace, and Glory in Earth’s Last Days

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RELEASE DATE; June 6, 2023

A God-Centered Overview of Revelation

The Bible’s last book is God’s final word to mankind—and the breathtaking revelation of our Lord Jesus Christ. Though this letter describes depravity, devils, and destruction, it also provides an incredible portrait of our almighty God, delivering profound insights into who he really is.

God’s Grand Finale examines the 13 characteristics of God that Revelation uniquely and vividly illustrates through its foretelling of earth’s last days. As you read, you will:

• develop a clear overview of end times events

• experience how God uses the apocalyptic realities of Revelation to reveal himself to you

• grow in faith as these transformational truths about God deepen your reverence for him

When the dust of Revelation settles, we behold the Lamb standing and ruling in triumphant, sovereign, and indescribable glory. As God’s Grand Finale illuminates how the end times will unfold, you’ll understand how the narrative arc of Bible prophecy reveals the awe-inspiring attributes of God.

Paperback, 240 pages.

ISBN- 9780736986472