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Following God Through the Bible: An Overview of The Old Testament

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An Overview of the Old Testament contains a one-page synopsis and “blueprint” for almost every chapter in the Old Testament.  Each blueprint begins with easy-to-follow Scripture divisions that are summed up with challenging self-examination and thought-provoking study questions.  The study questions are designed to encourage readers to open their Bibles to find God’s truths.  Prayer and praise points allow time for quiet contemplation and application of lesson.


Each section and series of questions has the following purposes:


·       As a guide to make the study of Scripture easier and thus, motivate the user


·       To help make the Scripture relevant to daily life


·       To challenge the user to learn the great doctrines of the Bible by searching out other Scriptures


The lessons are divided into five parts:

Ø     The Outline Section gives a bird’s-eye view of chapter’s content

Ø     The Context Questions help the user understand the section in detail by honing in on points that are often missed

Ø     The Research Study Questions challenge the user to search the Scriptures for answers, comparing one Scripture with another Scripture

Ø     The Self-Examination Questions put the context of the Bible into a more practical term

Ø     The Prayer and Praise Section allows for a time of quiet heart searching in which to praise God, ask for help, and contemplate the lessons of the study


The aim of Following God Through the Bible: An Overview of the Old Testament is to open up the Word of God.  The questions asked are just the tool for understanding; the answers are where the rubber meets the road.


Paperback, 303 pages




ISBN- 9780899573403