This is a true saying, and everyone should believe it: Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners. I Timothy 1:15

Following God: The Book of Ecclesiastes

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Gain much wisdom from the wisest man that ever lived!

At the tender young age of 20, most young men are just beginning to think about what they want to do with their lives, but Solomon’s future was already mapped out for him. He was to become the king of Israel. When that time arrived, God spoke to him and said, “Ask! What shall I give you?”

Solomon didn’t ask for wealth, nor did he ask to conquer his enemies. He didn’t even ask for a long life. After evaluating himself in light of the responsibilities that lie before him, Solomon was wise enough to ask for wisdom. As readers use this Following God® resource to study the book of Ecclesiastes, they can be encouraged to know they also have the opportunity to study the author (Solomon), whom God inspired to pen this very interesting and often misunderstood book of the Bible. I often say that I like to learn from the mistakes of others rather than making my own and I believe that, although Solomon lived approximately 3,000 years ago, the lessons we can learn from him are just as relevant today as they were then. Times may have changed, but the heart of man has not.

As readers embark upon this journey, they will see the heart of every man written in the pages of Scripture. They will see their own hearts and hopefully be challenged and encouraged to live lives of purpose and to understand what really matters most in this life we live under the sun.

Workbook, 146 pages.

Size: 8.5 X 11 inches

ISBN- 9780899570242