This is a true saying, and everyone should believe it: Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners. I Timothy 1:15

Following God: Life Principles for Christ-Like Living

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Experience a closer walk with God through a study of ’’3:16’’ verses!

From the experiences of Abraham and Moses, to Jesus’ life on earth, to the return of the Lord, Scripture reveals a tremendous amount to believers on how to live a life of devotion to God. Author Jennifer Devlin wants every Christian to know the magnitude of God’s merciful plan for our salvation, and how every portion of the Bible fits together to reveal His plan for mankind. In this title, Jennifer offers readers a deeper understanding of key concepts and how they relate to the Christ-like life. Many of these key concepts are found in different ’’3:16’’ verses throughout the Bible, and a ’’3:16’’ verse will be examined in each week’s lesson. Readers examining these key verses will learn to discover how events of Jesus’ time on earth fit so clearly with who they are in Him, and they will discover that the actions, encouragements, and corrections from Jesus and His disciples have a great impact on how they are to live in Him. Study participants will recognize the dangers of complacency and will prayerfully find a passion for their Lord and His Word that will extend far beyond this twelve-week study.

Workbook, 208 pages.

ISBN- 9780899573397