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Exploring the Scriptures

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A panoramic, foundational view of God's Word

Effective Bible study begins with a clear understanding of the Bible as an inspired whole instead of sixty-six disjointed books. Exploring the Scriptures gives the serious student a panoramic view of God's Word that provides a firm foundation for more detailed study of books, passages, and themes of the Bible.

Each book of Scripture is presented through a brief introduction, a concise outline, and a comprehensive summary of the book's content. Also included are special chapters dealing with the major divisions of Scripture and thirty-five maps and charts to help with visualization of important Bible content.

This series has features that will make it a favorite of Bible students: 

• detailed alliterative outline

• notes about the authorship

• straightforward interpretation of the text

• practical application

Paperback, 256 pages.

ISBN- 9780825445156