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ESV Bible Atlas

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The design, construction, and format of the ESV Bible Atlas is spectacular. The ESV Bible Atlas is made with a sturdy hardback cover, and designed so that pages can lay flat without detaching from the spine—in other words, a high-quality constructed book. An atlas cannot, obviously, present its maps, pictures, and charts well if it does not easily lay flat without damaging the spine.

The ESV Bible Atlas then combines its durable construction with thick, overlaid, and glossed pages that allows its maps, images, and charts to stand out brilliantly from the page. From top to bottom the book has a superior quality of manufacturing, and will serve its purposes for years to come.

But beyond its design, the content of the ESV Bible Atlas is likewise outstanding. Featuring historical,modern, and scientific maps produced by advanced satellite technology the Atlas brings the Biblical world alive in ways that no other atlas has done before.The maps are brilliant in color, and provide detailed locations with precision and while never overloading anyone map with too much information. Map topics range from average monthly rainfall, to modern excavation sites, and from David’s Kingdom to today’s disputed territories.

The written content of the ESV Bible Atlas is also remarkable.  It leads the reader through the historical, modern, and scientific geography of the biblical lands.Written by and arranged by one of today’s leading OT scholars, and a professional cartographer, this atlas is both visually appealing and highly informative

A number of Charts, Appendixes, and Indexes also accompany the atlas including:



    • Timeline of Biblical History


    • The Kings of Israel and Judah


    • The Herodian Dynasty


    • Place-Name Indexes for Historical and Regional Maps


    • Index of Known Biblical Sites


    • Scripture Index


    • Special Articles


    • Illustration Index


    • Map and 3d Map Index


ISBN-  9781433501920