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Concise Church History

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Each chapter of The AMG Concise Church History book begins with a list of the dates of important events that occur during a specific focused period, followed by an introduction to that era.  Then the pivotal events of the time are mentioned, and an overview discusses these events and their impact on the church.

Biographical sketches introduce the key people of the period, while extracts from Christian writings of the time, on topics ranging from doctrines and descriptions of historical events to devotional and Bible studies, offer a deeper understanding of the issues and struggles of real people just like us.  Each chapter ends with a discussion of important translations of the Bible.

Filled with the records of those vital events and key individuals that have molded and shaped the history of the Christian Church, both for the good and the bad—Concise Church History will encourage and challenge the reader to live in this present day by learning from the past.


Hardcover, 664 pages

ISBN- 9780899576961