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Complete Word Study Dictionary: Old Testament

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The Complete Word Study Dictionary: Old Testament is the final volume in AMG’s Word Study Series. These Bible study tools are designed to make the original languages of the Bible accessible to every student of the Word of God. This lexicon is a companion volume to The Complete Word Study Old Testament, which identifies the words of the Hebrew text of the Old Testament by the placement of Strong’s numbers and grammatical codes over the English text. Together these two volumes represent the Old Testament portion of this series.

Special Features:

General Entries include the Strong’s number, the Hebrew or Aramaic word, and the transliteration into English.

Concordance Information is provided, detailing every occurrence of that word in the Old Testament by book, chapter, and verse.

Special Notations in the concordance information identify major reading differences between the KJV, NASB, and NIV translations of the Bible.

Proper Noun Entries are subdivided in order to identify different places and/or individuals that have the same name.

A Translational Reference Index of the Old Testament lists each word of the King James text followed by the Strong’s number for each Hebrew or Aramaic word that is translated by that English word.

Hardcover, 2138 pages.

ISBN- 9780899576671