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Book of Daniel

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Dispensational commentary on Daniel that includes Larkin’s famous charts.

A great exposition with unique charts and diagrams.

The exposition of the book of Daniel is the closing and crowning work by Rev. Clarence Larkin, a servant of God, whose life was wholly devoted to the study, teaching, and preaching of God’s precious word. This book is a sound and fundamental exposition on one of the most attacked books of the Bible.


The Prophetic Word
The Book of Daniel

First Division: Historical:

Chapter 1: The Beginning of Gentile Dominion
Chapter 2: Nebuchadnezzar’s Dream
Chapter 3: The Golden Image
Chapter 4: The Tree Dream
Chapter 5: The Fall of Babylon
Chapter 6: The Lions Den

Second Division: Prophetical

Chapter 7: The Four Wild Beasts
Chapter 8: The Ram and the He-Goat
Chapter 9: The Seventy Weeks
Chapter 10: The Scripture of Truth
    Part 1: The Relation of Supernatural Being to the
    Part 2: The Prewritten History of the Kings of the
      North and South
    Part 3: The Time of the End


  • Book of Daniel
  • Prophetic Days of Scripture
  • Daniel and Revelation Compared
  • Daniels Seventieth Week
  • The Seventy Weeks of Scripture

     John Phillips-

      "A helpful verse-by-verse commentary enlivened by the author's unique charts. The author has drawn on the ablest scholars and the best books available to him to give a very understandable commentary."

    Hardcover, 267 pages.
    Clearence Larkin-Prophecy/Major Prophets
    ISBN- 9780001472938