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Biblical Eldership Mentor’s Guide

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Twelve Lessons for Mentoring Elders

This book and its companion, Study Guide to Biblical Eldership, provide a thorough, biblical mentoring program to help train church elders. It is a leader’s guide to the Study Guide. It is for the mentoring elder only, not the trainee. Because elders are busy people, and many do not have time or adequate resources to prepare for mentoring, this guide provides the mentoring elder with extensive answers to all the questions in the Study Guide and practical mentoring tips.

Lessons Include:

1 - Old Testament Elders - Job

2 - Men of Sound Doctrine and Wisdom - Acts

3 - The 1st Elder Appointments; Guard Yourselves

4 - Protecting the Flock from False Teachers; The Source of the Elder’s Strength; the Pauline Model for Elders

5 - Humble Servants and the Chief Shepherd 1 Peter; Hard-Working Men 1 Thessalonians

6 - Team Leadership- Philippians and 1 Timothy

7 - Qualified Leaders- 1 Timothy

8 - Honoring and Disciplining Elders- 1 Timothy

9 - Appoint only Qualified Men- Titus

10 - Shepherd God’s Flock in God’s Way- 1 Peter

11 - Caring for the Poor Acts; Praying for the Sick- James

12 - Spiritual Watchmen; Submission to Authority Hebrews; Male Leadership- 1 Timothy

Paperback, 194 pages.

ISBN- 9780936083124