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Bible Prophecy Answer Book

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Studying Prophecy Can Change Your Life

Strengthen your faith and find real hope for the future in this extensive resource that provides concise answers to your most burning questions about Bible prophecy and the end times. Topics include everything from how to interpret prophecy to clarifying the perplexing specifics of the rapture, the antichrist, and the afterlife.

Respected Bible scholar Ron Rhodes addresses questions many are asking, such as…

●Is it important that we be aware of the signs of the times?

●Do Christians agree about the role of America in Bible prophecy?

●Is there biblical evidence that the church will escape the tribulation period?

●Will only believers enter into Christ’s millennial kingdom?

●In what way will the heavens and earth be made “new”? Whether you’re looking for quick instruction or you’re eager to go deeper, this accessible Q&A-style guide will help you navigate prophetic Scripture passages and better understand matters of eternal significance.


Paperback, 246 pages.

ISBN- 9780736964296