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AMG’s Comprehensive Dictionary of Old Testament Words

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As a premier provider of Christian books and Bibles that help the average person understand the Bible in its original languages, AMG Publishers is proud again to present this important reference tool. Similarly to the Comprehensive Dictionary of New Testament Words (2014), this Comprehensive Dictionary of Old Testament Words will help you discover the rich meanings of the words in the Hebrew Old Testament.

PART ONE contains definitions or cross-references for approximately 10,900 terms, definitions that are based on the meaning of the more than 8,600 Hebrew words in the Hebrew Old Testament. This dictionary is organized alphabetically by the English words. It covers all the common words and all the names of people and places found in the Old Testament, and most often lists all the Scripture references where each English word is used. The primary entries also list the Hebrew words and Strong’s numbers so that you have them as references to other works.

PART TWO is a simple lexicon of the Hebrew Old Testament words, organized by Strong’s numbers and defined by terms found in Part One of the Dictionary. Each entry of the Lexicon also provides the number of times the Hebrew word is found in the Old Testament.

Multi-functional but easy to use, comprehensive but focused on one English word at a time, AMG’s Comprehensive Dictionary of Old Testament Words is the ideal tool for studying the vocabulary of five English Old Testament translations: ESV, KJV, NASB, NIV, NKJV.

Hardcover, 1389 pages.

ISBN- 9781617154287