This is a true saying, and everyone should believe it: Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners. I Timothy 1:15

A Christian Perspective on the Social Justice Movement

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The world has gone through a paradigm shift, and we now find ourselves living in a “social justice world.” Many would believe that is a good thing and finally the world can rid itself of racism, poverty, and injustice. Even many Christians have come to embrace this “new” way of thinking and dealing with society’s problems. But as Christian believers, do we really understand what lies behind the social justice movement? And do we truly comprehend what the “fruit” of this cultural “revolution” will be to both our society and the church?

This book navigates the turbulent social justice issue—from a Christian perspective. This book will not only provide vital information on these issues, but it will remind and exhort believers that over and above working to solve the cultural concerns of today, we must shine our lights and speak the truth in love and courage to a world that is lost and in desperate need of the only One who has the enduring solution.

Some of the topics this book addresses:

• Communist and Marxist Influence

• The Hegelian Dialectic

• Black Lives Matter, Critical Race Theory& Wokeism

• Environmentalism’s Role

• The Terms and Language Used and What They Really Mean

• The New Age in the Social Justice Movement

• Sexual “Revolution” and Social Justice

• COVID - A Catalyst for Social Justice

• Manipulating Elections

• Social Justice and Israel

• The Wearing Down of the Saints

• Social Justice versus the Gospel

Paperback, 232 pages.