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The Book of Revelation

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A study of the last prophetic book of Holy Scripture.

The result of 25 year’s study of the Book of Revelation.

A classic work on The Book of Revelation by Clarence Larkin. The writers purpose is to show that the Book of Revelation is to be taken literally, and that it is written in chronological order.

As are Larkin’s other books, this one is also one of the most unique books you will own. It is illustrated with over 30 charts, maps, and diagrams.

The make-up and printing of the book is unique. The writer has broken all rules of book-making in his desire to make the average reader see and grip the truth. This he has been able to do because of his skill as a draughtsman.


  • 25 Charts
  • 4 Maps
  • 24 Woodcuts


      Chapter 1: The Title

      Chapter 2: The Blessing

      Chapter 3: The Salutation

      Chapter 4: The Announcement

      Chapter 5: The Things Which Thou Hast Seen

      Chapter 6: The Things Which Are

      Chapter 7: The Things Which Shall Be Hereafter

      Chapter 8: The Seven Seals

      Chapter 9: The Interval Between the Sixth and
        Seventh Seal
      Chapter 10: The Seven Trumpets

      Chapter 11: The Interval Between the Sixth and
        Seventh Trumpet
      Chapter 12: The Seven Personages

      Chapter 13: The Interval Between the
        ’’Seven Personages’’ and the ’’Seven Vials’’
      Chapter 14: The Seven Vials

      Chapter 15: The Interval Between the Sixth and
        Seventh Vials
      Chapter 16: The Seven Dooms

      Chapter 17: The Interval Between the Second and
        Third Dooms
      Chapter 18: The Interval Between the Fourth and
        Fifth Dooms
      Chapter 19: The Seven New Things

      Chapter 20: The Ages of the Ages

    Chapter 21: The Epilogue

List Of Charts:

      Chart 1: The Prophetic Days of Scripture

      Chart 2: The Messages to the Seven Churches

      Chart 3: The Church as Seen in Revelations

      Chart 4: The Heavenly Tabernacles

      Chart 5: The Three Tabernacles

      Chart 6: The Judgment of Reward

      Chart 7: The Cherubim

      Chart 8: Daniel’s Seventieth Week

      Chart 9: Daniel’s Seventy Weeks

      Chart 10: ’’Olivet Discourse’’ and Revelation 6

      Chart 11: The Underworld

      Chart 12: Antichrist and the Times of the Gentiles

      Chart 13: Daniel’s and John’s Beasts

      Chart 14: John’s Two Visions of the Beast

      Chart 15: The Antichrist

      Chart 16: The Gentile Nations

      Chart 17: Image of the Beast

      Chart 18: Vials and Egyptian Plagues Compared

      Chart 19: Seals, Trumpets, and Vials Compared

      Chart 20: The Resurrections

      Chart 21: The Resurrections and Judgments

      Chart 22: The Church Versus the Kingdom

      Chart 23: The Millennial Land

      Chart 24: The Three Stages of the Earth

    Chart 25: The Holy City

List Of Maps:

      Map1: The Seven Churches

      Map2: The Royal Grant to Abraham

      Map3: The Old Roman Empire

    Map4: Babylon, the Metropolis of the World

List Of Woodcuts:

  • The Seal
  • The 7 Horned Lamb
  • White Horse Rider
  • Red Horse Rider
  • Black Horse Rider
  • Pale Horse Rider
  • The Sacrificial Altar
  • The Golden Altar
  • The Trumpet Angel
  • Scorpion Locusts
  • Infernal Horsemen
  • The Little Book
  • The Sun-Clothed Woman
  • The Archangel and the Dragon
  • The Beast out of the Sea
  • Daniel’s Four Wild Beasts
  • The Ram and the He-Goat
  • The Four Horned Goat
  • The Beast out of the Earth
  • The Reaper
  • The Vial Angel
  • The Sea of Glass
  • The Frog Like Creatures
  • The Scarlet Colored Beast

Hardback, 210 pages.
Clearence Larkin-Prophecy

ISBN- 9780001473126