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Commenting and Commentaries

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’’New commentaries on the Bible abound, but often the cutting edge is dull. With few exceptions, the old works are better by far. Spurgeon’s Commenting and Commentaries is invaluable for identifying the best works of past generations, many of which have been reprinted in our day.’’ - Dr. Robert P. Martin

’’In this catalogue Spurgeon lists and evaluates some 1400 commentaries on Books of the Bible. All is done with inimitable Spurgeonic frankness, wit and wisdom. Of one poor commentator he writes, ’The proverbs themselves are plainer than this author’s exposition of them.’ On another writer he comments, ’Does not err in excessive spirituality.’ A delight to go through to get honest evaluation and common sense.’’ - Maurice Roberts

’’Commenting and Commentaries is a guide for buying and using Bible commentaries of many kinds, made entertaining by the pungent good humor of the author, Charles Haddon Spurgeon. It is an invaluable resource for ministers and theological students, as well as all Bible students, introducing them to the riches of the best of what has been written about the Bible in past generations. Let Commenting and Commentaries be your key to unlock the world of pre-twentieth-century evangelical Bible commentaries. You will find the key tried and true!’’ - Joel Beeke

The student or pastor with a small but growing library, as well as the pastor possessing an extensive one, will welcome the opportunity to secure this reprint of Spurgeon’s catalog of Biblical commentaries and expositions. Once you begin to dip into this volume it will become a faithful friend by your side. Pure gold!

Paperback, 200 pages.

ISBN- 9781599250533