This is a true saying, and everyone should believe it: Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners. I Timothy 1:15

E.M. Bounds on Prayer

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Prayer is the Christian’s lifeline to God, and with it lives are changed for eternity! E. M. Bounds knew the secrets of prayer and God’s principles for supplying all our needs. Here are his most cherished teachings on the life of prayer, which is the only effective barrier against the powers of evil so prevalent in this present world. He uncovers how you can have direct communication with God, maintain a prayer life that produces results, overcome Satan and his hold on prayer, and obtain all that God has for you. Discover how prayer can become your spiritual lifeline!


Book One: Purpose in Prayer

1. The Force That Shapes the Prayer
2. The Fire That Consumes
3. ’’Ask of Me’’
4. Living in an Attitude of Prayer
5. The Energy of Prayer
6. Persistence in Prayer
7. Secret Prayer
8. Praying Men and Personal Purity
9. The Possibilities of Prayer
10. Prayerless Praying
11. Wonderful Results of Prayer
12. The Birthplace of Revival
13. Our Passport to Assurance

Book Two: The Necessity of Prayer

1. Prayer and Faith
2. Prayer That Gets Results
3. Prayer and Trusting God
4. Prayer and Desire
5. Prayer and Enthusiasm
6. Prayer That Is Persistent
7. Prayer That Motivates God
8. Prayer and Christian Conduct
9. Prayer and Obedience
10. Prayer and Full Surrender
11 . Prayer and Spiritual Warfare
12. Prayer and God’s Promises
13. Prayer and the Word of God
14. Prayer and the House of God

Book Three: The Possibilities of World

1. The Ministry of Prayer
2. Prayer and the Promises
3. More Prayer Promises
4. Prayer Possibilities
5. Prayer Possibilities (Continued)
6. The Viability of Prayer
7. The Wide Range of Prayer
8. Prayer Facts and History
9. Prayer Facts and History (Continued)
10. Answered Prayer
11. Answered Prayer (Continued)
12. Answered Prayer (Continued)
13. Prayer Miracles
14. Wonders of God through Prayer
15. Prayer and Divine Providence
16. Prayer and Divine Providence (Continued)

Book Four: Essentials of Prayer

1. Prayer and the Entire Man
2. Prayer and Humility
3. Prayer and Devotion
4. Prayer, Praise, and Thanksgiving
5. Prayer and Trouble
6. Prayer and Trouble (Continued)
7. Prayer and God’s Work
8. Prayer and Consecration
9. Prayer and Definite Standards
10. Prayer Born of Compassion
11. Concerted Prayer
12. The Universality of Prayer
13. Prayer and Missions

Book Five: Obtaining Answers to Prayer

1. Faith in Prayer
2. Mighty Answers to Prayer
3. Beginning with Prayer
4. Intercessory Prayer Moves God
5. Prayer: The Prophet’s Link to God
6. Even Kings Must Pray
7. Reformation through Prayer
8. Prayer: The Builder’s Blueprint
9. Raise Your Children for God
10. Praying in Captivity
11. Faith of Sinners in Prayer
12. Lessons in Prayer
13. Examples of Effective Prayer
14. Benefiting from Persistent Prayer
15. Church Body Prayers Are Necessary
16. Principles for Prayer

Book Six: Power through Prayer

1. The Divine Channel of Power
2. Our Sufficiency Is of God
3. Man’s Most Noble Exercise
4. Talking to God for Men
5. How to Get Results for God
6. Great Men of Prayer
7. ’’Early Will I Seek Thee
8. The Secret of Power
9. Power through Prayers
10. Under the Dew of Heaven
11. The Example of Apostles
12. What God Would Have

Book Seven: The Weapon of Prayer

1. Why Prayer Is Important to God
2. Putting God to Work
3. The Necessity for Praying People
4. God’s Need for People Who Pray
5. Prayerless Christians
6. Praying for Others
7. Preachers and Prayer
8. Prayerlessness in the Prayer Pulpit
9. Equipped by Prayer
10. The Preacher’s Cry: ’’Pray for Us! ’’
11. Modern Examples of Praying Men
12. More Modern Examples of Praying Men

Paperback, 622 pages.

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