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Complete Book of Baby & Child Care Paperback

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Unlike any other book of its kind, the Complete Guide to Baby & Child Care takes a balanced, commonsense approach to rearing emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually healthy children. This indispensable guide delivers practical and critical information parents need to know in a straightforward format.

Features: 25 Special Concerns sections that cover topics such as fevers in small children, effective discipline, ADHD, cyberspace safety, and more Medical Reference section with detailed definitions/descriptions of common childhood illnesses and medical conditions Emergency Care section that includes information on 911 calls, preventive safety, and what to do when your child needs immediate medical attention Illustrations, photographs, and charts to help you comprehend recommended techniques and recognize specific diseases and conditions New expanded sections on immunizations and nutrition!

Paperback, 912 pages.

ISBN- 9781496436474