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Weaver - Wisdom Words

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Most grammar courses start by assuming your child has no former knowledge of grammar. Not true! If your child has been raised speaking English, he has knowledge of grammar. You’ve already taught your child how to use proper grammar when they speak and that’s ¾ of the battle (for example, ’’me hungry’’ is corrected to ’’I’m hungry’’). All that’s left is the identification of the speech already in use. In 15 minutes a day, you can lead your child down the road to good grammar and composition skills.

Wisdom Words is highly recommended for homeschooling parents that are using The Weaver Curriculum®. Each Day by Day lesson plan book will reference the Wisdom Words objectives. This non-consumable program will serve your family through years of homeschooling grades K-6th. Chock full of forms, charts, and other manipulatives, you’ll find all you need for teaching grammar and composition. And that’s not all! You’ll find ideas for games and hands-on activities that will reinforce writing concepts and help your children to understand things more completely. Order Weaver Wisdom Words today from Alpha Omega Publications and watch your child blossom into a strong writer! Wisdom Words may be used independently of The Weaver Curriculum®.

ISBN- 9781580958813