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Weaver - Volume 5 - Life of Christ

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What would Jesus do? What did He do? Where did He go, who did He see, why did He die? If questions like these intrigue you, then Volume 5 will be the highlight of your homeschooling journey. Why? We all want our children to imitate Christ in their own lives. What better way to teach them about Jesus than to study His life for a full year? Step back in time and walk with Jesus and His disciples. Witness the miracles He performed, enjoy a meal with Him, and study the covenant He made with God the Father. You’ll come away with a better understanding of ancient governments and history as you teach your children using Volume 5.

No wonder parents are using The Weaver Curriculum® to educate their children. Bible-based, hands-on, and reusable, the flexibility of this program allows you to teach multiple grades at the same time. Color-coded pages and the corresponding Day by Day lesson planning book offer organization and guidance. By adding the corresponding 7-12 Supplement, you’ll be prepared to study the life of Christ with all of your students, regardless of age. So there you have it. Order your copy of Weaver Volume 5 for grades K-6 from Alpha Omega Publications today and watch your children develop godly character qualities to become more like Jesus. That’s a claim few curriculums can make.

ISBN- 9781580958462